Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

I posted this on Facebook and text to my parents (that aren't on FB!) and the response was great!  I haven't had so much fun in a long time!!

Gotta love the Niece and SILs comments:  "going all clown car" and "keeping up with the Duggar's!"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twin Tip Tuesday-Tag Team Cleaning

Yay! The day is finally here and it's actually Tuesday!

For the last several weeks I have fought the girls tooth and nail about cleaning their playroom. The biggest thing I don't understand about it is, I really make it simple for them.

Last December in preparation for all the new Christmas toys we cleaned the playroom and made a place for everything. They have 2 toy boxes, one for loveys and one for baby dolls and their stuff. Then they have a toy bins for...Barbies, doctor stuff, animals and little people, dishes and food, and pretend jewelry and make-up. Then they also have a laundry basket for dress up clothes, shoes and hats. Last they have 2 long shelves, that they can reach, that have bigger items such as the puzzle rack, computers, magna-doodle and a box of Legos.

When I first organized their room, I watched the first few times they cleaned and made sure they understood where everything goes and what they were doing. That went well for a while. In the last month or so the problem arose that it wasn't they couldn't get it clean, but it took an entire day. If they didn't get distracted and start playing, they were fighting over who got to clean up what.

Here is where the twin tip comes in. I stared having them take turns. One sits on the stairs while the other chooses a category to clean up (barbies, babies, dress-up, etc.) Then when they are done cleaning their choice they tag the other and it's the other twins turn.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Okay, I know, I know. I've been absent again!!  It happens with 3 kiddos, plus 3 and a hubby and a dog and a cat!! 
Anyways.  I will soon be starting a ness weekly blog called Twin Tips (I have all intention of doing it on Tuesday so it will be Tuesday's Twin Tip, but since I can't even seem to write monthly then we will see if I can actually stick to Tuesdays!)
Okay it's not Tuesday and this really isn't a tip but...
I was doing one of my favorite things today, building memories.  My girls layed on a blanket outback and watched the clouds while I fixed dinner.

Then I played waitress and gave them dinner 3 courses at a time.  Twin Tip #1  give veggies as first course.  Broccolli was all gone before second course came out!!  Then there was chicken and noodles.  Then caramel delights for dessert!
Emily then put the girls to bed.  This would be Twin Tip #2, but I can't make having a ten year old a tip, but let me just tell you she rocks!  The ten minutes I had to myself while she put the girls to bed were priceless. 
It got even better, after the girls were in bed, Emily and I listened to music with dual headphones on my computer while she did research for her history project, all on her own!! (yep I didn't have to tell her twice!)  And I Facebooked about whether Chuck E Cheese was a rat or a mouse with my 2nd oldest stepdaughter.  My life is truely blessed with nights like this!  If I can offer any Tips it is to spend as much time with your family!