Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AnyBook Reader by Franklin Review

How many times have you been asked to read a story over and over again? I have found the best solution for this! It is the AnyBook Reader by Franklin. I recently had the opportunity to review one and I absolutely love it. It is definitely a must-have for this Christmas!

How it works: The AnyBook Reader is a pen like device that records and then plays back when it is touched to the stickers that are provided. First, you take the stickers and put them on every page of the book. Next, you activate the sticker by touching it with the “pen” and record that page. That is it! Then your child can go back and hear your voice as she turns the pages of the book.

More info: The AnyBook Reader can be used with ANY book. It uses 2 AAA batteries. It stores up to 15 or 60 hours of reading depending on the version. The 15-hour one is $39.99 and the 60-hour is $59.99.

Why I like it: With 3 kids I don’t have much time. With the AnyBook Reader, my kids can hear me read their books any time they want. Additionally I like the idea that other family members that don’t live close can record stories for them to listen to as well.

I also like that I get to decide what books are used. With other readers like this, you have to buy the reader and then books to go with it, each book having an extra cost. With the AnyBook Reader, there is only the onetime cost, except for buying more stickers, which is definitely cheaper than buying more books!

I would absolutely recommend the AnyBook Reader.

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