Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Twin Tuesday: Road trips with twins

I abolutely love to travel, not that I have had much time and money to do it.  Since my daughter was 3 years old I have always made one family vacation a year somehow work.  Since I married my wonderful husband and we had our twins we have tried to keep the same tradition going (and this year we got to have one all by ourselves!!!) 
The first 2 years the girls were born we went to San Antonio.  To me it's a great place for family vacations it has plenty for adult and for children.  This year we are going to New Braunfels and renting a house. 
The first year traveling with them was a little hectic.  They cried a lot.  My girls were so use to sleeping on their bellies in their own beds, that they would not sleep in the car or in the stroller.  The second year was

definately better.  One toy we discovered for traveling was a magnadoodle.  They loved to color.  It's easy to keep in their lap and no mess!!  Hopefully this year will be even better.
Here is my Houston Parenting Multiples articles on traveling with twins:

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  1. Hi! I'm a new follower from Twin Tuesday.

    Your twin daughters are beautiful! I also have twin daughters (six year old fraternals).

    I hope you all have a great trip this year. We're flying to Spain from Scotland soon...

    :) :)