Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lifephoto Back to School Day Planner Review

As a mom of 3 kids, staying organized can be an enormous task! Gymnastics, Girl Scouts, Doctors Dentists, Orthodontists, School Plays, PTA meetings, family get-togethers and vacations…PHEW! Makes me tired just thinking about it!

I have found a creative and fun way to keep it all together! The Day Planner from Lifephoto. I made my day planner in no time at all. I uploaded some pictures and it automatically arranged them for me. It was incredibly easy.

Why I liked it:
Colorful Pictures

Sturdy Pages

Spiral bound

You can enter in dates before it’s printed

Nice big squares for writing

I would definitely recommend this!

Here is a great site for more photo ideas: http://www.simplephotogifts.com/

Colorful Custom Cover

Put in important dates before its printed 
Add cute backgrounds


*I received a Lifephoto Day Planner for review purposes. I received no other compensation for my review. The opinions in this review are my honest opinion.


  1. Cute pics! Seems like a neat program.

    I used to live in Houston, but that was before I had my twins. You know what I miss most? Crawfish season, lol.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway :-)

  2. Useful and clever, the photos & memos personalize what could be a dry calendar. This comes to life!