Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Toddler Beds

We put the girls down for a nap Saturday only to find out a little later that they had been out of their cribs and completely destroyed their bedroom. Abby crawled out and passed Ella  a laundry basket so she could stand on it and climb out. All I can keep thinking about is Wonder Pets: Team Work theme song!!
So needless to say no nap Saturday.
Sunday was my hubby's birthday so we had people over and could not take the girls' cribs apart and turn them into toddler beds, luckily by nap time they were so tired (from staying up late the night before and no nap yesterday) that they didn't bother to climb out. That night though Abby got out about 3 times.
We still didn't set up the toddler beds on Monday (to tired from all the festivities of the weekend) and yes Abby was out 2 or 3 times at nap and bedtime.
Which brings us to yesterdays nap time that she crawled out about 6 times!! So we assembled toddler beds before bedtime. I was so shocked, they did amazing!! I was not ready for toddler beds. I thought it was going to be a fight, but it wasn't. Abby got out of bed only once last night and today, not at all!!

Now if we can potty train this easily!


  1. You gotta love the team work though. Its so funny because you will probably see them get out of their beds less and less now...the thrill is gone. Potty training here they come! Keep up the good work Laurie.

  2. They are so cute!
    Monique - coming over from twittermoms!