Thursday, May 27, 2010


Mothers of Multiples have a higher likely hood of going on bedrest. I was on bedrest for 8 weeks with my twins. That the equivalent of about 168 nights!

Here is a list of must haves for being on bedrest:

Laptop: My laptop was my link to the outside world. It’s how I kept up on news, stayed in touch with friends and socialized with other moms of multiples. I joined and I am, two wonderful websites where I got lots of information and made many friends.

TV/DVD player: Stock-up on all the movies you missed and the ones you want to watch again. It may be a while before you will have 3 hours of no interruptions to be able to watch one.

Essentials basket: Have a basket filled with everyday like fingernail files, nail polish, nail clippers, lotion, Chap Stick, baby wipes, pen, pencils and stationary.

Snacks and Drinks: My wonderful husband would make sure before he left for work in the morning that I had a pitcher of water on a table next to me. I also had plenty of snacks like fresh fruit, granola bars and other healthy foods with-in arms reach.

Books and Magazines:

Help: When anyone offers help, take it. If someone can come over and do laundry, take your other children out to do something, clean your house or cook, let them. It can be overwhelming for one spouse to take on the jobs of two.

Other Tips:

Sleep when you can but try to stay on somewhat of a schedule.
Research pediatricians while you have the time.
Organize things like photo albums, I loaded all of our home movies on to my computer and edited them.
Find a support group like Bay Area Moms of Multiples, Kingwood Area Moms of Multiples or North Houston Parents of Multiples
Shop, stock up on diapers, by clothes and get all the baby essentials on-line.
Try to keep things as close to the same as possible, but try to enjoy it. My whole family would have dinner together in the bedroom; we did story time in bed and watched many movies together. Remember it is for the health of your new babies and the longer you can keep them in the better!

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