Thursday, May 27, 2010

Twin Birthdays

My twins turned two this past April. Several of my friends’ twins have been celebrating their birthdays as well. Each family had a different way of celebrating. I found all the ways you can handle having multiple guests of honor at these parties quite interesting.

The theme is the first decision to make. If you have same sex twins, it is usually easy to choose a theme. With multiples of different sexes however, it can require a little more thought. Some great ideas I have seen are Dora/Diego, cowboys/cowgirls and prince/princess and Mickey/ Minnie. I have girls so we decided on just Dora.

Next, is to decide one cake or two. We chose to have one cake for them to share, this year. With the amount of people that were invited, one cake was enough. Last year when they turned one, we had three cakes. There was one small smash cake each and then a sheet cake for the rest of the guests. For the future though, we have decided to go with cakes from Houston Sam’s Club. They have cakes that are about 6-inches in diameter with about eight cupcakes surrounding it. The cakes are small enough that each of my girls can have one. Yet having two cakes is not too much.

What about the birthday song? Some choose to sing the song once saying both, or all of the kid’s names at once. I have always wanted to make sure my twins are treated as individuals. So, when it comes to the birthday song, we sing it twice, once to each of them individually.
Lastly, what about presents? Do you give individual gifts or one to both? I think either is acceptable depending on what the present is. For my girls’ birthday they each got pillow pets, baby dolls, and backpacks that were the same or similar. Toys like these are not easily shared. On the other hand, last year, they got a Little Tykes climber for the yard. Obviously, they can share bigger gifts that are more expensive.

Whether you choose one cake or two, or sing the birthday song once or twice you will want to make this day special for your multiples.

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